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“the degree to which a singer can learn to control his body efficiently rests primarily on the degree to which he can control his mind” ...


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Events and workshops that specialize in voice therapy, rehabilitation, technique and proper use of the speaking and singing voice. ...



"Rosemary has been so very committed to helping me explore my voice and performance style. This is such a priceless quality to have in a teacher, as many teachers are inclined to...

rosemary-1Rosemary is a singer, voice trainer and vocal rehabilitator. She has garnered over 25 years of experience with professional voices. She studied in acclaimed music institutions and has performed nationally and internationally with opera companies and orchestras.


Rosemary dedicates most her time tending to the needs of singers and speakers (professional and non-professional). She has worked in prestigious voice centers in the country, working closely with doctors who specialize in voice disorders (The Grabscheid Voice Center in NYC, and the Institute of Voice and Ear Research in Philadelphia.)


Currently Rosemary works at the Jefferson Voice and Swallowing Center with an exceptional group of otolaryngologists and maintains a private voice studio at home.


“each voice is a law unto itself”......

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